15 Cancer Symptoms Women Ignore

Although studies show that women are more cautious about getting routine and recommended checkups, this is not always the case. Younger women tend to ignore cancer symptoms because of the notion that cancer is just an older person’s disease. However, cancer does not discriminate. Experts compiled a list of 15 symptoms that women might often ignore but should be checked out.


  1. Unexplained loss of more than 10 pounds in a month without a change in diet or exercise
  2. Bloating occurring every day for more than a few weeks
  3. Lumps in breast, changing of the skin, nipple changes or discharge
  4. Abnormal bleeding or bleeding between periods can be an early sign, if it’s not normal for you check it out
  5. Changes in skin including abnormal moles, bleeding on your skin or excessive skin scaling lasting no longer than seven weeks
  6. Turning to soups or liquid foods due to difficulty swallowing
  7. Blood in the wrong places such as the toilet bowl or in your stool
  8. Gnawing abdominal pain and depression
  9. Indigestion for no apparent reason
  10. White patches inside the mouth or on the tongue
  11. Persistent and unexplained pain
  12. Progressively larger lymph nodes for longer than a month
  13. Fever unexplained by influenza or infection
  14. Fatigue, which only occurs early in certain cancers
  15. Unexplained persistent cough that lasts longer than three to four weeks

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