Nurses Week 2017

American Nurses Association (ANA) has designated 2017 as the “Year of the Healthy Nurse.” Join us during National Nurses Week, May 6–12, as we explore this year’s theme, “Nursing: the Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit.” It’s all about celebrating nurses who lead the charge for health and wellness.

NICU Nurses

In honor of Nurses week, we want to honor our nurses who are committed to caring for our patients and the community!

“Janice Hamilton, RN, is a Clinical Supervisor for Acute Care on T7. She has been a nurse since 1980 and a Medical-Surgical Nurse at Touro for 9 years. She came to Touro because of the high quality, compassionate care here, and she plans to never leave. She loves the teamwork among the nurses on her unit.”

Janice Hamilton, RN

“Codie St. Pierre, RN has worked in Telemetry for two years. She decided to come to Touro after her uncle was treated here. She was inspired by their care and made the move to Touro right after nursing school.”

Codie St Pierre

“Katelyn Williams, RN just graduated nursing school a few weeks ago, and she is now working in the NICU. She precepted at Touro and fell in love with the facility. She loves taking care of the babies and the people at Touro.”

Katelyn Williams, RN

“Thomas Crozier II, RN came to Touro in 2008. He is currently the Clinical Supervisor for Telemetry on Q8. He decided to come to Touro because of the people and the location!

Thomas Crozier II, RN

Kelli Easley, RN has always been interested in women’s health while growing up with a mom as a NICU nurse. She was inspired to follow in her mom’s footsteps and become a NICU nurse. She has been at Touro for four years. She enjoys taking care of the babies and teaching the LSU graduates.”

Kelli Easley, RN

“Jonnay Burks, RN has been a Medical-Surgical nurse at Touro for almost two years. She states Touro was the only option for her due to its family atmosphere.”

Jonnay Burks, RN

“Micheal Pitts, RN is the Unit Director for Acute Care on T6. She began her career at Touro in 1992 as an x-ray technician. She left Touro to attend nursing school and graduated in 1995. She returned to Touro in 2007 after Hurricane Katrina. She loves working with the patients and the family atmosphere at Touro.”

Micheal Pitts, RN

“Rosario Bumarlong, RN came to Touro six years ago. She began her career at Touro in Telemetry and moved to Acute Care a few years later. She enjoys taking care of the sick and providing quality care to the patients.”

Rosario Bumarlong, RN

“Courtney Herbst, RN began at Touro in July 2016. She precepted at Touro and enjoyed the facility. She decided to work in the NICU because she loved caring for the babies. She also enjoys working with her co-workers and interacting with the community.”

Courtney Herbst, RN

“Britney Duplechain, RN started at Touro in 2009. She came here right after nursing school to the NICU. She loves taking care of the preterm babies and the supportive atmosphere at Touro. She states everyone works so well together.”

Britney Duplechain, RN

“Jessica Frught-Hassel, RN is a nurse in the Well-Baby Nursery. She always admired Touro for their care and service for newborns. In fact, she had her first baby at Touro. She always wanted to work with newborns and decided to make the move from her previous employer to Touro. She likes the camaraderie and how everyone is willing to help each other.”

Jessica Frught-Hassel

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